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The Top 5 Sushi in Paris, France

1. Sushi Okuda

Where: 18 rue du Boccador, Paris, 75008, France

Source:Sushi Okuda

A quick visit to Japan may not always be possible. Instead, come to Okuda to enjoy a trip to Japan while still in Paris. We welcome you heartily to enjoy the latest Japanese cuisine offered by our two chefs while surrounded by Japanese architecture and artwork. I hope it will instill a desire to make the trip over to Japan someday.

We endeavored to bring original Japanese elements as much as possible, including the architecture and furnishings, with the help of our many supporters in France. Chef Okuda is our business partner and a top chef in Japan at Koju (Michelin 3 stars) and Ginza Okuda (Michelin 2 stars). Chef Miyahara trained at Koju and has been working at Ginza Okuda since it opened. At Okuda, we offer a great number of new dishes based on the traditions honed by these two chefs.

2. EnYaa

Where: 37 Rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris, France


Enyaa Paris where the refinement of Japanese gastronomy meets the elegance of Japanese sake and the festivity of Champagne

3. L’Abysse

Where: 8 Av. Dutuit, 75008 Paris, France

Source: L’Abysse

The encounter between Alléno and Yasunari Okazaki, late 2016 while he was passing through Tokyo, awoke the old dream of the French to promote the impressive Japanese sushi know-how in France. For Okazaky, only 40, who has been taught by his father before any kaiseki and sushi master, this opportunity was a must-do. On May 1, 2018, he left his country to settle down in France. 

Leaving his brand new restaurant to the expert hands of Okazaki, Yannick Alléno knees in front of the amazing complexity of this small bite that requires the most perfect gesture and the absolute understanding of the “cooking of the time”.

On January 21, 2019, the MICHELIN guide award one star at L’Abysse. On January 27, 2020,  the counter obtain his second stars with the famous red guide.

4. Le Bar des Prés

Where: 25 Rue du Dragon, 75006 Paris, France

Source: Le Bar des Prés

Its Parisian score offers the products an air of haute-joaillerie (green asparagus caramelized with miso; tuna tartare, escorted or not, with caviar), makes finger food a traveling ceremony without forgetting to highlight the know-how of the French and all the Chef’s vision with, for example, the crunchy pancake, Madras curry cake, avocado or lobster salad with strawberries and elderberry vinegar, almonds.

5. Kinugawa

Where: 9 Rue du Mont Thabor, 75001 Paris, France

Source: Kinugawa

The Kinugawa is a mythical venue for gastronomic Japanese cuisine. The restaurant faces the Jardin des Tuileries in the 1st arrondisement. This critically acclaimed restaurant is one of the best Japanese joints you can treat yourself to. With a great sushi bar on the ground floor, all you sushi fans can work up a good appetite and stream in here. The restaurant above offers some real authentic Japanese fare among a traditional decor of gold, wood and rock.

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