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The Top 5 Pizzas in Rome, Italy

1. Bonci Pizzarium

Where: Via della Meloria, 43, 00136 Roma RM, Italy

Source: TimeOut

Rome’s revolutionary pizza maker Gabriele Bonci started his astronomic rise to stardom at this unassuming pizza shop and it has consistently remained top of the list of Rome’s best pizza al taglio. The focus on the perfect dough and only the best, seasonal ingredients along with a creative eye for toppings have deservedly seen the Bonci brand expand across the city. Despite a recent renovation to double the size of the shop, the place is usually heaving so join the throng and eat on the pavement outside. The location near the entrance to the Vatican Museums is ideal for a post-Sistine Chapel carb fix. – Time Out

2. Pizzeria da Remo

Where: Piazza di S Maria Liberatrice, 44, 00153 Roma RM, Italy

Source: anamericaninrome.com

For an authentic Roman experience, join the noisy crowds here at one of the city’s best-known and most popular pizzerias. It’s a spartan-looking place, but the crispy wafer-thin pizzas, served charred and spilling over the plate’s edges, are the business, and there’s a cheerful, boisterous vibe. Expect to queue after 8.30pm.

3. Pro Loco DOL

Where: Via Domenico Panaroli, 35, 00172 Roma RM, Italy

Source: TimeOut

Pro Loco Dol’s project aims to spread the concept of short supply chain, promoting the knowledge and use of local products, the protection of all traditional companies and food and wine artisans.

4. Forno Campo de’ Fiori

Where: Piazza Campo de’ Fiori, 22, 00186 Roma RM, Italy

Source: anamericaninrome.com

In the heart of Rome, where history blends in an absolutely harmonious and magical way with the new trends of young people from all over the world, there has always been “Forno Campo de’Fiori”. Here tradition has never given way to easy expedients. Mario, Dino and subsequently Fabrizio, have formed a team of expert bakers who every day produce and offer the same bread, the same pizza and the same specialties that for more than 30 years have delighted the palates of old and new customers.

The highly selected ingredients, strictly extra virgin olive oil, the best quality butter, the most exclusive jams and the skilful hand of those who love this work, respect it and carry it on despite the easy earnings are the unique secret of this success … … all wisely amalgamated by the only principles that make Grandi: passion and seriousness.

5. Sforno

Where: Via Statilio Ottato, 110/116, 00175 Roma RM, Italy

Source: italyscapes.com

The pizzas are thick-rimmed and somewhat inspired by the Neapolitan tradition, and range from uber-classics like Margherita to pies that are unique to Sforno (and owner Stefano Callegari’s other pizzerias). This is the perfect place for pizza fanatics willing to make a trip far outside the center for a tasty pie.

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