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The Top 5 Pizzas in Paris, France

1. Da Graziella

Where: 43 Rue des Petites Écuries, 75010 Paris, France

Wood-fired pizzeria.
Life-teeming wines.
Italians-sometimes-do-it-better soundtrack.
Takeout and on the spot.

2. UNO

Where: 37 Rue Berger, 75001 Paris, France

In the heart of the Louvre district, UNO offers you Neapolitan pizzas with a traditionally worked dough and 100% Italian DOP-certified ingredients The chef also offers you fresh homemade pasta, such as 7-hour lamb, or the catch of the day cooked on the barbecue! Open from lunch to dinner, the restaurant also offers a reduced version of its menu throughout the afternoon, accompanied by a large selection of natural or biodynamic wines.

3. Anima

Where: 78 Rue du Cherche-Midi, 75006 Paris, France

We remain attentive and we take the time to make our choices as for the flour of this dough which rests for 48 hours and of which we ensure that the pizzas it pushes have the same regularity of shape and taste in the expert hands of our necessarily Neapolitan pizza maker. Made under the eyes of everyone for the beauty of the gesture and for the sake of honesty, they rub shoulders, à la carte as in our open kitchen, with the subtlety of Matteo.

4. Dalmata

Where: 8 Rue Tiquetonne, 75002 Paris, France

Dalmata is an Italian restaurant located in Paris that finds its identity in the pizzerias of Naples, the cradle of real Neapolitan pizza. The atmosphere is resolutely urban, inspired by New York tiled stalls and playing on the decadent neon street. From the entrance, the long marble counter plunges us directly into a joyful brothel where the pizzaioli put on a show. On site, to take away or on delivery, we send you pizza in the pure Neapolitan tradition.

5. East Mamma

Where: 133 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine, 75011 Paris, France

Big Mamma is an Italian restaurant group founded in 2013 by Tigrane Seydoux and Victor Lugger. Our wish is to share the authenticity and warmth of traditional Italian trattorias abroad. All produce is directly sourced from small Italian producers, dishes are 100% homemade, served at affordable prices, in beautifully designed spaces, and with a big smile. Italian cuisine is about the quality of the ingredients, so we’ve partnered with small producers – Prosciutto di Parma from Stefano Borchini, San Marzano tomatoes from Paolo Ruggiero, flour from Antimo Caputo, to say the least!

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