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The Top 5 Hummus in London, England

1. Ishbilia

Where: 9 William Street, SW1X 9HL

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Source: SquareMeal

First opened in 1998, Ishbilia is one of Knightsbridge’s most enduring middle-Eastern restaurants, earning its reputation in producing the finest and most authentic Lebanese cuisine available in London. Unashamedly committed to its food and with more than a hundred dishes to choose from, Ishbilia has the largest Lebanese menu available in London. Settle back, relish and share the wonderful array of freshly cooked, carefully flavoured and spiced Mezze starters through to the delectable charcoal grilled mains and end with Arabic mint tea, assorted Baklava and Lebanese Coffee.

2. Arabica Bar & Kitchen

Where: Borough Market, 3 Rochester Walk, London SE1 9AF

Source:Arabica Bar & Kitchen

We’ve travelled extensively through the fertile valleys of Jordan, mountainous villages of Lebanon and vibrant cities of Beirut, Istanbul, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem to procure the finest middle-eastern ingredients. We draw inspiration from a culinary kaleidoscope of delicacies discovered on our adventures, to recreate the deliciousness that epitomise the breadth of flavours, colours and textures of one of the world’s most exciting food cultures.

3. Ô Gourmet Libanais

Where: D, Trafalgar House, 38 Juniper Dr, London SW18 1GY

Source: O Gourmet Libanais

Ô Gourmet Libanais is a restaurant built upon one collective family dream, to bring real, authentic Lebanese food to London. Our restaurant captures the ambience of a warm and inviting home typically found in a classic Lebanese village, with the delicious and freshly-made food to match.

4. Al Waha

Where: 75 Westbourne Grove, London W2 4UL

Source: Al Waha

Al Waha means “oasis,” and at the award-winning Al Waha restaurant, you’ll dine on our carefully prepared Middle Eastern specialties, all in a peaceful, relaxed, yet elegant environment. We prepare the best Lebanese food, and we do so by using fresh products daily, employing traditional techniques in preparing our dishes.
Start with our renowned mezze (starters/appetizers) — including our specially prepared olives imported from around the world, our “light as air” falafel, savory sambousek, the freshest salads, and our famous hummus, which has been described by various food writers as “a revelation, undeniably rich…silky…and impossible not to indulge.”

5. Yalla Yalla

Where: 1 Green’s Ct, London W1F 0HA

Source: Yalla Yalla

Our food is based on time-honoured recipes, passed down through generations and perfected along the way. Our little plates of tempting mezze are a great way to kick off the meal – many of them vegan and vegetarian, too. Follow with a grill, cooked over the coals until tender, and you’ll have a feast. Make space for more and finish with a plate of crisp sweet Lebanese baklava, filled with nuts and dripping in syrup, a slice of our cheesecake or pot of creamy mouhalabia (our rich and creamy Middle Eastern pudding). If you’re popping by for a pit-stop lunch, try one of our moreish wraps served with creamy hommos and Lebanese salad.

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